2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Pre-registration

WinkiPoP Media is proud to be the Official Photographer for this event in 2018.

To ensure that all competitors who want to be photographed are photographed, WinkiPoP is introducing a new online registration for all SOLO DANCERS. A single $10 registration fee applies. This covers ALL the solo items you dance. Registered dancers are provided with the following benefits.

  1. You WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED in all your solo items.
  2. You will receive an email with a link that will mean you will be able to view all YOUR OWN photos on the 1 page on our website. All your photos will have a unique code (Bib#) assigned to them. (No more hunting for your photos).
  3. You will also receive a $10 voucher code that you can use towards any subsequent online purchase. (Basically, you get your rego fee back if you buy something).

We hope you like our new streamlined professional photography service and we trust youíll enjoy all the benefits of registration. To register, simply type in the dancerís surname, add the registration to your cart and pay your $10.

For all enquiries, feel free to email us in the office at: request@winkipopmedia.com.au

Shaun & Emma and The Crew @ WinkiPoP Media